Captek™ Bridge, a breakthrough in nanotechnology, increases density and strength by 33 percent. It provides lifelike esthetics at the gingival margin thanks to its 22kt high-noble gold composition. When you prescribe Captek, a precision passive fit is assured. All bridge copings and pontics are laser-welded together on the master model, not cast, which means there are no dark oxides to discolor the porcelain. In addition, when compared to conventional and full coverage PFM crowns, Captek Bridge also exhibits less bacterial accumulation.

Captek is biocompatible and corrosion resistant due to its composition of 84.5 percent gold and 9 percent platinum group metals. Captek’s capillary attraction technology produces extremely dense and exceptionally strong porcelain understructures that exceed the resistance to fracture of conventionally cast metals.

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